Recently, I've been working on a new product design, which is called VEGGIEROOM.
🎯 The point of this website/mobile app is to facilitate the process of:
• ordering vegetarian/vegan products online
• switching to a healthy lifestyle
• comparing available products on the market and choosing the most appropriate ones for the peoples’ nutrition
I’ve chosen the main 3 websites/companies related to the same product type:
• Vegan Online Shop “Vantastic foods”
• Online Vegan Store “Vegan Essentials”
• The local company producing natural vegan products “Angromix”
I’ve decided to extract the most important features from every website
mentioned above. It includes:
• promos and ads on the top banner
• list of available products
• top vegetarian brands
• news and updates

The goal: understand who you’re designing for and observe the relevant trends, likes, and dislikes.

The main groups included in the Veggieroom target audience are:
- vegetarians and vegans
- people observing fast or diets (e.g. religious ones)
- people leading a healthy lifestyle who decided to change their attitude to food and switch to lighter, organic food

While the aspects mentioned above are related to psychographics, the factors related to demographics should be researched in more detail (age, location, occupation).

The goal: understand why your brand should look a certain way—should it attract attention or inspire trust?

First of all, we should prepare a particular set of questions to answer to effectively apply the research results. In our case, the questions are:
Why do people need our product or service?
Who would benefit from buying/using it?
How will they find it?
What makes our brand different from the competitors?

Even though I haven’t conducted full-detailed research with user interviews and data analysis, the answers might be the following:
✅ The “Veggieroom” website might be a perfect place to get access to a wide range of vegan products that can’t be found in the local stores or can be found very rarely. It also facilitates and streamlines the process of comparing and receiving the needed products.
✅ The possible types of buyer personas who will benefit from our product are: busy people maintaining a healthy/vegan/vegetarian lifestyle; people living far from the main grocery stores; people who want to switch to vegetarian/vegan food.
✅ The website can be found on Google or social media webs (thanks to paid ads) + paper advertising that can be found in local stores.
✅ The features that make our product better than our competitors’ ones include fast delivery, full compliance with brand identity, simple access to all the needed information, educational sections, etc.

The goal: understand and justify the design decisions.

There are generally three main types of research we may want to consider: exploratory research, observational research, and causal research.

In our case, I’ve opted for exploratory research. It helped me gain some knowledge about the topic (vegetarian/vegan products). See the top table (🔑 COMPETITORS AND KEY FEATURES) to get familiar with the conducted research details.

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