UX/UI designer

creating better user experiences and attractive interfaces

Shadows of Eternity - Fantasy Game UX/UI
In this captivating and immersive fantasy video game, a forgotten prophecy looms over the land, whispering of ancient powers and untold secrets. The game thrusts players into a vast and mysterious world where shadows dance and legends await their awakening. Players embark on an epic journey through diverse landscapes, from enchanted forests to treacherous mountains and sprawling cities. Each location is meticulously crafted, immersing players in a rich tapestry of fantastical sights and atmospheric wonders. The game's visual design seamlessly blends ethereal beauty with darker undertones, reflecting the delicate balance between light and shadow. Within this world, an intricate web of lore and history unfolds. The Forgotten Prophecy, shrouded in enigma, holds the key to unlocking ancient powers and unraveling the mysteries of the realm. Players must navigate through a labyrinthine plot, encountering intriguing characters, formidable adversaries, and unexpected allies along the way. Choices made throughout the game shape the narrative, influencing the destiny of both the hero and the world itself. Unravel the secrets of the forgotten prophecy, shape your own destiny, and discover the true extent of your power in this mesmerizing and immersive fantasy world. The fate of the realm rests in your hands.
Cybercity - Game UX/UI Design
Introducing "Cybercity: Edition 2.0" – an immersive cyberpunk-themed game designed exclusively for the PlayStation 5. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed "Cyberpunk 2077," this game takes you on a thrilling journey through a dystopian metropolis of the future. Set in a sprawling, neon-lit cityscape, this game plunges players into a gritty and technologically advanced world where megacorporations wield immense power, and cybernetic enhancements blur the boundaries between humanity and machines. "Cybercity: Edition 2.0" boasts stunning visuals to deliver a breathtaking cyberpunk aesthetic.
Halloween Special Event - Casual Game UI
🎃 Get ready to embark on a spine-tingling journey through the eeriest night of the year! Introducing « Halloweek », the ultimate Halloween-themed casual game special event that will send shivers down your spine while keeping you thoroughly entertained. 👻 Dive into a world where pumpkins glow, ghosts roam freely, and witches stir their cauldrons. « Halloweek » is a bewitching blend of thrilling gameplay and delightful spookiness, perfectly designed for all ages. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for some Halloween fun, this game has something for everyone!
Tropical Adventures – Casual Game
Let’s dive into tropical adventures on the desert island, full of mysteries and hidden gems! To your attention – one of the most frequently seen screens in each mobile game – Options or Settings. Even such a small, seemingly unremarkable page merits a game designer’s attention.
In Search of the Lost Treasure - Casual Game UI
Go in search of lost treasure, conquering the ocean's depths on a giant submarine! Collect magic crystals and pearls to replenish the collection of unique finds and get extra bonuses and prizes! Complete daily goals to take one step closer to the hidden treasure cove, where the pirates keep a wooden chest full of diamonds and gold.
Casual game UI - Golden ticket
Check out the Golden Ticket page made in the casual game style! Enjoy the richness of colours and perky fonts that can be found in every corner of this artwork.
Mobile game screen - UI Design
Brand another mobile game screen! Fortunately, many options exist for designing the « shop » screen by combining different colours and fonts, illustrations, and page outlines/structures. So, that’s why I continue exploring these combinations to compile the most attractive game screen.
Victory screen | Écran de victoire - Casual game
I completely forgot to post this casual game screen I made about a month ago. It's one of my favourite casual-styled images I've succeeded in creating.
Mobile Game UX/UI Design - Casual style
Another casual-styled game for mobile devices. The most challenging thing about creating this particular game was working with connected layers in Adobe Photoshop and applying different effects to various illustration elements. Anyway, I guess I've succeeded in compiling two nice screens for a casual game. Enjoy the colourfulness!
Game UX/UI - Casual style
I'm happy to present my first steps in the Game UX/UI Design field. Recently, when watching another LP ("let's play", a playthrough of a video game), I suddenly understood that I, being a fan of video games since my 6 years old, should commit to creating the most fantastic interfaces for video games! And, of course, the first visual stylistics I've decided to practise on is the casual game style.
I never miss the opportunity to get some practice on my design skills. One of the latest works was related to the creation of an online shop for vegetarians and raw vegans. Check out some interesting ideas on visually presenting online store-related websites, especially if they are dedicated to a specific group of people.
The website was created for a movie theatre, letting customers purchase tickets and book seats online. Moreover, users are provided with extra information, including expert reviews, pro-tips, and interesting facts.
The mobile application is designed for our local animal shelter, allowing users to easily adopt a pet or make donations. In addition, potential adopters can learn more about each animal living in the sanctuary, including his age, health status, and personality.