Oh my goodness, I've completed the final task in the course "Character Design for Video Games".

The point of the task was to create three different versions of the same character, but with a twist: use a real object as inspiration for your designs.

My character is a girl named Sakura. Why is she named so? Because she is the living embodiment of a cherry blossom or Japanese cherry.

Character design nº1: Manga style
The character is depicted using drawing techniques for manga characters. Her head is bigger than other parts of the body. She looks super cute, as it's called in Japanese—kawaii. Here, we see emphasised highlights on the hair and skin and the blush on her cheekbones, while her hair is gathered in two lovely buns.

Character design nº2: Gravity Falls style
This design is similar to our beloved Gravity Falls TV series. Here, Sakura has big, round eyes and a "peaceful" face, similar to one of the Gravity Falls characters, Wendy. You may have also noticed that she doesn't have many shadows and highlights compared to the other two designs, which is typical for the TV series characters' designs.

Character nº3: Close-to-Disney style
This design looks pretty much realistic, with the right proportions and many highlights and shadows. Probably, this character might seem similar to the same-named character from Naruto, whose name is also Sakura. But in fact, she doesn't have as much force and skills as Sakura does :)

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